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Who are we

Find out who were are as a community project. though we opened our doors in April 2008 the story starts years before that. Click to see how we began, the successes over the years and where we’re going now.

Targeted Life Support and Coaching

What is it?

Our targeted life support and coaching is a process, which we offer as part of the holistic and wrap around care we seek to provide.

Through befriending we seek to establish an informal, social relationship. We would aim to build on this and at the appropriate time encourage people to engage in our one to one, non-judgmental mentoring relationship where we aim to walk with people over a period of time, supporting and encouraging them at a time of transition.

For some, this may move into coaching, improving self-awareness and helping individuals set realistic personal goals in order to improve behaviour or performance.

It is hoped that through this holistic process we recognise that to genuinely and authentically see people move on in their lives, we need to offer not just ongoing support, but progressive support.

We recognise the value of friendship in enabling people to improve their self-awareness, gain a desire to change and take action to develop personally.

We know that practical needs will need to be met to achieve progression and personal development of lasting impact, so we are committed to seeking resolution for people and will refer to other support services where needed.

Ultimately this is about seeing people move and positively progress with their lives and fulfilling their potential. At whatever point people engage with the Brierley Hill Project we want to show dignity, respect and support them to move forward and knowing they are valued and accepted for who they are and not defined by their circumstances or past.

How can we help you

Click here to see some details of the things we do, along side our various activities which access our local community we focus on targeted life support and coaching; a kind of guiding hand through the systems of job searches, benefits, housing, substance misuse, and a wide range of other issues.

How can you help us

As a charity project we’re always in need of support. You could partner with us as an organisation, give financially, volunteer and more. Take a second to read and look at how you can help impact our local community.

for enquiries about the project, to book to a one-to-one or find out about room hire, please call us on 01384 572227 or email us