This Week at the BHP

    Today it was our great pleasure to meet with the volunteers who help us provide a listening ear and practical support to those in need. I’m sure we can all appreciate what a difference they make by recalling a time in our own lives when someone took the time out to sit with us through a difficult or painful situation.

    The people who need our help are often dealing with problems alone. Over the past few weeks we have been able to support a young man who has been sleeping rough near the project. Initially we were able to provide food, a sleeping bag and really be there in his time of need. He is now living in supported housing and wants to come back and see us to get his CV done and get working. It’s amazing to see that even in such a short space of time what huge progress has been made.

    At the moment we have 22 people receiving one to one support. This week in our drop-in we had 53 visits, dealt with 24 food bank vouchers for 29 adults and 20 children to be fed and finally Paul our Citizen’s Advice Bureau Adviser had 3 appointments providing excellent advice.

    Thank you to the volunteers and all our supporters for making it possible.

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