I thought it only right that now we have world cup fever I give you an update from Jen about how our sports sessions are going on the new 3D football pitch at the Dell Stadium, so here we go, here we go here we go ….

We have now started our youth sports session, funded by Sports Council, at the Dell Stadium on their new 3D pitch!
It’s really good to see so many young people choosing to re-engage alongside some new faces too. We have been able to catch up with some young people who we have not seen for the past three months or so. Having this weekly space to connect with local young people is an effective way to touch base and check in with them all.

The word is spreading that football is back on. The facility is quite a lot bigger so there is plenty of space for the young people to play in. We have in effect created a chance, a space for the young people to simply play, get used to the new surface and spend time in their own friendship groups.

It is to great to have the Pure Sports guys helping myself and Adam (from Chawn Hill Church) in running the session; making sure we have chance to connect with all the young people.

We have said goodbye to Harry from Pure Sports during the first few weeks, he has been working with us for over 12 months but he now has a new job – congratulations Harry! As part of this the young people were able to acknowledge their appreciation and as a group we played one big game across the full pitch, which really gave it a good feel. We still have Mitch from Pure Sports and will be getting Shane who is taking over from Harry in supporting these sessions.

We now have over 100 young people registered as attending at least one session and most attending more than one. Despite such a large number of young people attending I am still very mindful that there are some young people we had to turn away on the first few sessions because they did not have the ‘right’ footwear.

It is such a shame and quite frustrating to see this. We want to make these sessions accessible for local young people, many of whom would not be able to use the facility if they had to pay to attend. Having to see some not be able to participate due to not having the right footwear; which parents can’t afford to go out and buy is not a position I want any young person to be in.

In the short term we have purchased some boots in different sizes that we can loan out and we have asked around and some boots have been donated.

If anyone would like to buy or donate a pair of boots for our loan out facility we would love to hear from you.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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