It’s been so busy that Friday’s News is on Monday

It’s been unbelievably busy this week at the Brierley Hill Project with so many people in need. Here’s just one example of what arrives on our door step. A 16 year old girl arrived on Monday after being referred for a food parcel. Stacey sat down beside her whilst the food was being packed and she began to tell him her story. She had fled her Wolverhampton home where she lived with her Dad because she had been targeted by a group of men living close by. She had been placed under police protection but she still felt afraid of what might happen to her. New to the area and homeless Stacey made a call to Council plus at the Youth Hub who were able to help. They met the girl at the Project the following day and again on Wednesday at Council plus. She now has a place to stay in safety and is being supported by other Agencies.

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