Round-up of the Week – 26th January

This week’s theme is Kindness and Pleasant Surprises….
Life is never dull and as with everyone’s personal life at the project there are always up’s and down’s, disappointments and surprises. At the end of December we got broken into and the word on the streets was that the individuals responsible were known to us and had received support not too long ago. Call it desperation…. whatever the motivation it was disappointing and inconvenient. A large pain of glass had a brick thrown at it but because it was safety glass it shattered into lots of pieces but didn’t break. What a blessing as it was part of the window into the main hall which is used by the church for their services – pretty important over Christmas – and by Little Acorns playgroup. One of the sealed double glazed units in the drop in had been ripped out and again fortunately for us the metal shutters had kept the building secure if not warm brrrrrr. There was some more collateral damage to the doors on both sides of the building which Handy Andy came and fixed. So where is the pleasant surprise I hear you say…. well I’m coming to that – we called Steve from Evawhite Windows in Tipton to secure the building and replace the windows and despite being short staffed and very busy he came to the rescue as quickly as he could. Now here is the real surprise…Steve donated the windows, glass and all of his company time to ensure we were as good as new. Thanks to Steve and his team we are so grateful.

Here is the second kindness and lovely surprise for a client – some time ago Ann a valued member of our team had to stop volunteering on a regular basis due to family commitments but agreed that if a special mission came along I could call on her again. Well that special mission came to light in late December as we came to know an individual who was very keen to brush up on reading and writing skills. Much to my delight Ann met the individual concerned and they got on like a house on fire. She has agreed to work with them one to one to make this desire a reality. They have already met a couple of times and are on the way to achieving that goal. This really is a game changer. Fantastic.

Some surprises are simply unbelievable. Stacey’s first visit into Oakwood Prison in mid January with the Yellow Ribbon team didn’t start off according to plan, no one seemed to be where they were supposed to be and a close look at the list didn’t reveal anyone already known to us …or so we thought. After walking onto each wing the Yellow Ribbon staff member said here lets go into this room. A guy just sat there waiting…..jumped up out of his seat – Hi Stacey! What are you doing here? It was a client we knew years ago only by his nickname WOW. Stacey spent a good hour with him, discussing his plans and the next steps following release. It was simply mind blowing to us and to him that this encounter actually happened. We will be supporting
and can’t wait to see what happens next.

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