Round-up of the Week – 26th May 2017

It seems that the summer has finally arrived and so I’d like to concentrate on the rays of sunshine that we’ve seen break through in the past few weeks. With summer holidays just around the corner I’m also thinking of a change of scenery or circumstance.  Many of you will be flying to sunnier places to take a well deserved break.

It seems to me that many of the young people we see either fly or die in their circumstance.  It’s not a physical death but one we should still mourn as they fail to see the potential they have within them. What strikes me is that it only takes one thing, a ‘lucky break’ or a personal crisis for either to happen.

Thankfully the first ray of sunshine I can report is a story of flight.  A young man with a desire to drive for a living has secured funding for his HGV certificate, the thing he has dreamed of for a considerable time, without success, has become a reality.  This time the answer was YES! Thank you to the staff at the Impact Project who have supported him in his application. He is so happy and that makes us happy too!  A beaming ray that we all look forward to seeing.

In the month of May we joined in the Thunderclap for Mental Health Awareness Week and this is what we shared along with 4049 other supporters on Twitter “Its Mental Health Awareness Week! Too few of us are thriving.  We need to change that #MHAW17”  This had a total social reach of 6,561,742 amazing!

The next YES came in the form of an assessment and support, long awaited, for a precious son.  Families facing each day with a child or a young person with mental health problems will know it’s a battle.  For every single break through it seems there has to be a fight. It’s a continuing challenge for the whole family but it’s good to celebrate when there’s a step forward.

And another success relating to mental health.   Support put in place for another young person with mental and emotional health problems.  A worrying case that could have easily had a tragic outcome.  Thank goodness for people who are prepared to listen and act. THANK YOU.

Finally, success in a case that should have never been.  A mentally ill man being pursued to file a self assessment return because his PAYE deductions didn’t match tax due in 2015.  HMRC confirmed this was initially a nominal amount which had increased to epic proportions because of the fines and penalties imposed for lack of response.  HMRC are no longer in pursuit for the £1200 in penalties and fines they said he owed!

Here’s to us seeing more rays of sunshine in the coming weeks.


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