Round-up of the Week – 28th April 2017

It’s official! It’s our birthday…the doors to the Brierley Hill Project were opened 9 years ago this month and we are still going strong.  We opened just before the financial crisis hit in 2008 – the year in which Woolworth’s closed and we’ve been here to support the community in DY5 ever since.

The road has been full of twists and turns with funding cuts in public services and the voluntary sector I don’t think any of us could have envisaged us still being around 4 years after our Lottery funding ended.  The result is a more focused project and thanks to some faithful and committed supporters we continue to punch above our weight and achieve some of the things we dreamed we would – but there is still much to do.

As we approach Mental Health Awareness Week we reflect on how many of the people we see that have mental health problems that impact their lives so profoundly.  Without support things can so easily escalate and go out of control and the cost is far greater than providing the right type of support initially;  spiraling debt resulting in court proceedings, having to find alternative accommodation when homes are lost through mortgage arrears, physical health conditions treated as a result of neglect or addiction and sometimes custodial sentences when frustration turns to aggression or disregard.

All of this cost is monetary, a currency we all understand and can easily place a value on but what of the other cost?  What about the young men and women who rarely find their way out of four walls addicted to gaming, on-line activity or worse or the premature deaths through addiction or suicide.   The lost potential that neither we or they see – that just can’t be right.

We have joined the thunderclap to raise awareness on social media why don’t you join us by visiting;

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