Stacey’s summary of the week

We have been working with NHS staff in Stourbridge this week as one of their patients has moved in near the project and could benefit from getting out and meeting people. We’ve had more clients coming in with fraud issues and had to speak to the police to get the ball rolling with an
investigation for a client. Another woman came in who was made homeless and had been sleeping in a car. We made phone calls to get her out of the cold.

It was a busy week again for the Foodbank. The cupboard is emptying pretty much each session. We should have a new volunteer starting next week to help Becky.

The Challenge 4 Change session was also busy this week with some new lads attending. Sam, a regular, has his exams coming up so it was a good opportunity to relax and play games. A great time again with our young people.

Mic Check this week was a night of looking at the software we will be using to help with a change in the format of the session.

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