Suicide Watch

On the 10th October each year we observe World Mental Health Day.  This year the UK Government hosted the first ever global mental health summit and announced the appointment of the minister for mental health, inequalities and suicide prevention in England; the aim to help tackle the stigma surrounding suicide.

At the Project we encounter men at the end of themselves; on the brink.  A couple of men come immediately to mind, not because it’s a rare occurrence but because their visits are recent.   A vulnerable man, ashamed, in debt, desperate, confused. wanting to make everything stop……another a homeless male, family pressures, feeling unneeded and unwanted.   Suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK and in 2015 75% of all suicides were male.

#Project84 tells the stories of 84 real men lost to suicide representing the 84 men who take their own lives every week in the UK, that’s one man every two hours.  It was this very campaign that led to Government action.  The artist’s work is very powerful 84 individual sculptures displayed in London, each one a poignant reminder of a real life lost and a call to society to come together and take a stand against male suicide.

Thank you to our supporters who stand with us alongside some of the men most at risk in our area.  Men at the brink, someone’s father, son, brother, partner.

Our feature image is of the #Project84 work of Mark Jenkins and his collaborator Sandra Fernandez.

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