Weekly Round Up Friday 11th November

A high number of 1-2-1 sessions in the drop-in this week. Job applications, help with housing, relationships, family issues, debt, mental & physical health. One client came in to get help with benefits initially but we were also able to support with addiction issues.  This client’s health situation is serious and something must be done before it’s too late.  We were able to refer to CRI, (now CGL) to register and we can help to provide ongoing support.  Our Take 5 session on a Friday is specifically for those taking steps to recovery.  It’s a very relaxed session with tea and toast and the emphasis is on making recovery active and fun.  It starts at 11 am until 1.30 pm

A client we haven’t seen for a long time has just been released from prison and popped in to see us.  General appearance has improved and we are pleased that they have re-connected.  We have seen a number of people released in the last couple of weeks, sadly 2 of them were released without appropriate arrangements in place and were sleeping rough.  Thankfully we know one of the men now has somewhere to live.   Dudley Council have emergency cold weather provision for rough sleepers if the temperature falls below 5 degrees over the winter months and they have provided us with an out of hours number.

Another client in court this week, a victim of domestic abuse who finally got a guilty verdict for their abuser.  This is the start of a new chapter as this client is very much on the road to recovery from using alcohol and drugs as they make a fresh start.  We have connected with Survivors of Domestic Abuse (SODA) to provide specialist support to victims of domestic violence.  Sam from SODA will be visiting our drop in on Wednesday 16th, 23rd and 30th November.

In Challenge 4 Change this week we had talked about training and making yourself job ready with our young people. We were also able to manage a situation of conflict between siblings as one of them isn’t making good choices and getting involved in bad things.  The other is angry.   It’s such a blessing to be there for them in their teenage years, to mediate, support and encourage. This special group meet on Monday’s at 3.30 pm.




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