Weekly Round Up Friday 20th May 2016

Martin Luther King said “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy”. This week has been full of examples of strength and courage despite the circumstances – people encouraging and supporting family members in difficult times. Those with partners struggling with serious illness, some battling addiction. Under pressure from all sides, financial, emotional and spiritual. Another person choosing to be homeless rather than stay in an environment that puts recovery at risk. Admirable qualities of determination, caring and solidarity being displayed.

A new volunteer has recently joined the foodbank team, putting in some voluntary hours whilst studying and looking after family. Volunteering with us whilst working towards a career in mental health. It already feels like they’ve always been here.

On Monday we had a visitor in our session for young people, James a sexual health worker for Dudley came in to provide information and discussion.

On Thursday we had a budgeting training day, thanks to all of the volunteers who attended. I’m sure this will be most beneficial to those we are supporting. Much appreciation to Mike and Transforming Communities Together for delivering the training at our premises. Thanks also to Chrissy who prepared a buffet lunch for everyone.

Food preparation continued through to Saturday for the fundraiser organised by South Street Church. The event had a Caribbean theme with fantastic food, curried goat, mackeral stew, chicken satay, banana dumplings, pineapple upside down cake and fruit salad. Thanks to everyone who helped out under the watchful eye of Ellie and Stacey’s mum Cynthia. Natalyia provided the glamour and song, a local talent who has performed in the Lion King in the West End got everyone up and clapping along. The event raised £300 and was very well supported. Thanks everyone.

Food is still on the agenda next week too when the ladies from South Street Church will be rolling up their sleeves and preparing a hot meal in the Cafe on Thursday during the school holidays for around 15 children and young people.

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