Weekly Round-Up – Friday 22nd January 2016

This week has been a reminder that things aren’t always what they appear. A person with a home, a nice car enters the project. This person stands and sleeps in the same clothes, afraid to be alone at home. A terrible childhood and as an adult, at times, it’s been worse. Lots of problems, mental health, financial, disarray. Multiple challenges that will take time to break-down and tackle. No quick fixes here. Sometimes people stay under the radar, pretend they’re coping until one day it all becomes too much….

In the Challenge 4 Change group our new guys have settled in and another young man gave us great news about his grades. All A’s B’s and C’s! Get in!

Mic Check was challenging too with discussions about nutrition and health in between making music.

Finally 58 visits to the drop-in this week and 33 people receiving food to feed 23 children and 41 adults.

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