Weekly Round Up Friday 22nd July 2016

Stacey’s news – “I’ve seen again, this week, what it looks like to see someone come alive….” From what seems a hopeless situation there can be an unexpected turn-around. A client without clear direction has now stepped out to become self employed. An unexpected move for them it’s true and a very scary one – but with the right support who knows what can be achieved? The Bridge are looking for a place on a course for the newly self employed for them, so it’s onward and upward. There’s a lot to learn and its a steep learning curve but there is hope and purpose.

It’s all about providing opportunity and this week presented some more for our clients. Lovely Tim Ryall – a health trainer from the Health Exchange is coming to host 8 sessions for those wishing to improve their health and well being. Tim will cover topics such as quitting smoking and improving diet in a very fun way. The first session is booked for Friday 12th August at 11 am and Tim will be around for 2 hours in our Main Hall. Come and register – it’s completely free! A heads up for session 2 is that Tim will be whipping up some smoothies to try – now there’s a treat not to miss!

We’ve also had discussions with the Recovery in Progress team from Atlantic house about running a drop in service here at the Project. They, like us, have a passion for bringing services out into the community. The session called ‘TAKE 5’ will last for 2 and a half hours and will be a relaxed way to access support for recovery from addiction. There will be activities to enjoy and opportunities to learn something new and increase confidence. The session is also planned to run on a Friday starting at 11 am in the drop-in space. One of the leaders is a SMART trainer and can help with personal goal setting whilst the other is keen on fitness and activity. Whatever the choice you can be sure it will be friendly and chillaxed. We’ll be announcing the start date shortly….

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