Weekly Round Up Friday 29th July

It’s supposed to be a little quieter in the summer holidays but that’s not happening at the moment. On Monday 25th July we had a surprise visit from our MP Mike Wood. He took the opportunity to visit whilst on summer break from Parliament and it was a pleasure to show him around and see him chatting to our clients in the drop-in.

South Street Baptist Church hosted a holiday club every morning of this week. There was an Egyptian theme so there were pyramids, Pharaoh and lots of fun! On Thursday lunch time a cooked meal was provided after the session, thank-you Lesley and Margaret for slaving over a hot stove to feed people. Emma from Black Country Foodbank popped in to visit during lunch and sampled the menu. We are hoping this will become a regular feature during the holidays.

On Friday we had another visit from the Recovery in Progress team to cross the t’s and dot the i’s and set a start date for the ‘Take 5’ session. We agreed to launch on 12th August at 11am in the drop-in. It was great to meet everyone who will be involved, we are so looking forward to it. This means we will have Tim from Health Exchange in the main hall and the Recovery team in the drop-in on that day. So as I say I can’t see a quiet summer break this year….

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