Weekly Round-Up Friday 4th March 2016

Part of what we do involves challenging the systems that lead to injustice and unfair treatment of those most vunerable in our community. In recent weeks we have been involved in situations when people are unable to pursue justice for themselves. It’s usually in cases where people have made promises they haven’t delivered on, an administrative error has occurred and no-one is prepared to take responsibility and put things right or that an individual has been passed from pillar to post without sight of any resolution.

A victim of crime that isn’t supported at the time when they most need it; having to leave their home without an offer of an alternative accommodation for weeks, sofa surfing being their only option when they have sustained injuries and the thing they most need is stress free convalescence. Returning to their home to find it trashed and uninhabitable but still sleeping there in the cold because there wasn’t any other choice.

What about being passed from one person to another for 7 weeks before any action was take at all and only then because someone else was prepared to take it to the next level and fight your corner.

Thanks to all staff and volunteers at the project that make things happen and care so much for the individual. We press on guys.

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