Weekly Round-Up – Friday 5th February

This week has left me wondering what happened to last week! I missed my weekly blog to concentrate on putting a funding application together, thanks to Jen for giving me a starting point or I might be still writing it now! The funding organisation asked some challenging questions and answering them sure made me think about what we do and how we do things to best serve the people that come through our doors, so whatever the outcome it was a very useful exercise. A successful bid will mean more to us than the funding because we will also benefit from a mentor’s time from an organisation that truly understands about multiple disadvantage. We should hear something in about 6 weeks.

At the moment it seems as though we are taking 2 steps forward and then taking 1 back again. Nothing major but irritating, like the graffiti (again) on the front of the building. Thanks to Joe for painting so it looks as good as new! More thanks go to RT for volunteering to paint inside the building. The doors are gleaming white. That must be at least 2 steps forward. Really appreciate it.

This week has seen 47 visits to the drop-in service and 50 last week. Thanks to Ken and Ronnie who did a quick survey of our visitors to find out what their first impressions were and how they found out about us. All of the people surveyed said we were ‘welcoming’ which is great news and the majority of visitors hear about us from a friend or family member who recommend us.

We are seeing more young people come to Challenge 4 Change again through recommendation. The new guys seem to settle quickly and we are looking forward to watching them develop and progress.

As ever there are the usual ups and downs with our clients but, just like this week, there are a few surprises. Out of the blue a guy came in because he’d heard we could help him make a change in his life that he couldn’t fix on his own. Priceless. Who cares about a bit of graffiti…not me!

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