September 28, 2012



“A young man who we met near the start of the Project has a range of different issues, mainly around anger, the problems he’s suffered have been historic since childhood. He’d never learnt to get over them just live with them. Over the years we have helped him manage his anger and better understand how to live with that and react to situations and not to explode and attack. Now he’s different. Some time ago he said he was ready to take a job. At that time we advised him that he wasn’t and should wait. He reluctantly agreed that he wasn’t ready. It would have set him back. We continued to work with this lad and in late 2011 he was ready to work, got a job and is still employed a year later.” *name changed for confidentiality


Homeless, rejected, abandoned, angry and hurt a young vulnerable adult enters the project. She had no -where to live was highly agitated frustrated and had been involved in fighting drinking taking drugs,@ used and abused by the only friends she knew. Here begins a life changing, a journey one that has led to not only great changes but great joy. Many hours invested of intensive work through one to one support counselling, benefits advice, housing support working with the project team, churches other agencies and other supporters. With many setbacks and difficult battles to overcome along the way Rachael is now stable content achieving, developing and learning also volunteering which she says helps give back to others and now at last has a new home with Langstone Society.  *name changed for confidentiality


‘Michelle & Danni’

Stacey began to support my daughter several years ago. Over the years he has  supported her in a variety of ways, from helping with contacting utility services, assisting with benefit applications, attending doctor’s appointments with her, attending hospital appointments with her and also being a great support to her when things in her life were particularly awful.
About a year ago, due to a deterioration in my daughter’s mental health and to her being subjected to unacceptable behaviour from another individual, my daughter agreed to my meeting with Stacey. From that time I can only give praise for the help and support he continued to give my daughter and myself.
Stacey fought tirelessly to ensure that my daughter received the help she needed and she was eventually put in contact with a social worker from the M.A.S.H. Team.
I prefer not to elaborate on the precise details of what has happened to my daughter since being under the care of The M.A.S.H. Team but she is now in a far better ‘place’, than she has been for many years; with the chance to start a new life. *names changed for confidentiality


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