Half term week….already?

It doesn’t seem that long

ago since the last school holiday, but here we are again. Throughout this week we have already seen loads of

different people come into the project. From primary school kids upto any age really.

For this week we have

had to come up with a system so that the project doesn’t become unmanagable. So at 11 o’clock primary school kids

have to leave and then at 1 o’clock secondary school people need to leave. This has proven to work and everyone

has respected this, which always helps πŸ™‚

This morning there were some of the regular primary school kids

waiting outside at 8:55!! They were here before me!! But this is definetly an encouragment.

On Tuesday the

cafe was very busy, with people trying to find a place to sit, which i always a good problem to have.


look forward to a good and positive rest of the week, and we hope that you have a good one too,

The team


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