Mission ’08 Week News…

From Monday 25th til

Saturday 30th August will be our ‘Mission 2008’ week. For those who don’t know what ‘Mission 2008’ is, we’ll

give you a small run-down. 45 young people will come together and devote their time, effort and money to help the

local surrounding community.

These 45 people will also be sleeping here for 5 nights on the hard floor,

eating 3 meals per day and showering at the ‘Crystal Leisure Centre’.

The activities for the week will

include helping out around the Brierley Hill Project, partaking in ‘Social Action’ which involves tidying up

gardens, doing simple DIY, many other similiar tasks and it all leads into a big event happening on Lawyers Field

(down by the graveyard) which is a event for the community on Saturday which kicks off at 1:30pm til 4pm

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