Show us a sign…or 2!

We are pleased to announce

the arrival of two new signs for the South Street Cafe. These are placed on the main road at the top of South

Street. Hopefully they will bring on more awareness of the cafe.
Pleel free and welcome to come to the cafe,

Good food, Good prices,

We look forwad to seeing you and serving you.

A quick update on the

foodbank, while we’re here. As you can imagine with the current financial issues in the world at the moment the

foodbank has gone through the roof with many more people using and needing it. This is, of couse, a great thing to

have, the only problem is that this means that the food is moving very quickly.
We would be very grateful if

anyone could possibly donate some food for the food bank to keep it running,
Here’s a list of what we’re

particularly short of or actually out of:

Noodles, the cheap 10p ones
Potatoes, tinned and dried

Pudding, tinned
Milk, UHT 500ml & 1litre
Fruit, tinned
Fruit Juice, UHT
Pasta / Cooking Sauces, tinned

/ jars or sachets
Breakfast cereals, large or small- the variety packs we split to feed 2 single people (4 boxes

Biscuits, large & small packs
Tomatoes, tinned – I never thought we’d run out of these

Snacks, raisins / cereal bars etc

Obviously we are grateful for anything that anyone can give or help us

out with just thought some guidelines would help šŸ™‚

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