What???? A FREE MEAL?!?!

Thursday the 11th December

saw the Brierley Hill Project hit the streets and flats with vouchers. These were not any ordinary vouchers, when

produced at the South Street Cafe on Monday 15th December, they enabled the holder of the vouchers to receive a

FREE Meal!

As you can imagine, this brought round alot of people. There were over 40 people there, who each

received a free meal, from all different ages and background, to name just a few,
There were:

• People on their own
• Homeless people

Drug addicts/Ex-users
• Recently released convicts
• Pensioners

As you

can probably tell, this lead for some very interesting and encouraging conversations, where people could relate and

just talk to someone else. Everyone who came voiced their opinions and said how happy they were with what they had

been given.

The people who came and used this opportunity were informed of the other activities that take

place here at the Brierley Hill Project and those that are relevant to them. Some actually managed to use some of

these resources and we started to help two homeless people get accommodation (a process of which, I believe, how

recently been finished!)

Some people who are regular users of the Project also helped to clear up after it

had finished, which was a great and much needed help.

Of course this would not have been a success without

the help of many contributors, who provided advertising amongst other things for us, some of which are:

• Hawbush Primary School
• Nisa Shop
• Emporium gym

Hair dressers

To name just a few. So a big Thank You to all those that were involved in this day at any

level, you were all a great help and made this run smoothly and successfully.

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