A busy day in Foodbank

This week (9-3-2015) we have had a record number of foodbank vouchers in a single day (being 30 vouchers, which represents 18 adults and 7 children). The needs have primarily been because of debt and benefit delay.

It could be easy to judge people and their perceived choice to buy things they can’t afford or being irresponsible with their spending etc, however the reality is often people are making the choice to put the electric on or are dealing with old debt, from a time in life when their lives were chaotic or they struggled to cope. At times in the past they may have dealt with these challenges through avoiding them because they didn’t see a way through or a solution.

Foodbank can therefore be the first step for people in such situations choosing to face, get help and deal with debt and the knock on effects it can have.

Thanks to everyone who gets a little extra in the shopping to give to foodbank. You are helping to support people, not just with their basic need of food, but also provide hope that others do care and are willing to offer the help and support they need.

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