A challenge

This last week as we were on the graveyard, at the end of the session just as we were coming in for a drink I was approached by a couple that needed help with immediate accommodation. I was chatting to them and I was able to help them out getting a bit of extra time in their current home and with others looked at getting alternative accommodation sorted for a few weeks time.

With all this going on, one of the guys from the graveyard team asked me if I would be able to change a £20 note. To be honest I was thinking this is really not what I need right now! There was other stuff I needed to do. I had to put the tools away and my patience with him was not the best.

So as we’re in the office and I’m sorting this guy’s change out he says, “people shouldn’t go hungry in this day and age should they?” I agreed yet focusing on getting his money sorted and getting him gone, so I could get on with other stuff. As I handed him his change he said “here you go” and handed me £10. He said “Have this, get some food to give to those who really need it”. Initially I was like, that’s a really nice gesture, but it’s ok, you don’t have much yourself. (He is on benefits and lives in a supported housing project and has a range of support needs.) But he insisted and said “Have it, I’ll only go gamble it away”. I accepted the money, thanked him and said goodbye. I was stunned and humbled by this man and his heart response. I would not have imagined or expected it. I was reminded of the story about the widows offering from the bible, amazed how someone with so little can give an incredible gift from the heart, which is so much more valuable than the sum given. Stacey Simpson (Project Worker)

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