A snap shot of a drop in session

Today has been as busy as ever! There was a range of different people in needing help and support. We had a young lad in who needed help, as he was homeless. Stace was able to get in touch with the Council and get something sorted for him. He left shaking Stacey’s hand and thanking him.

A lady was supported to write an email to her boss about a colleague she was having some problems with. This lady want to make sure she explained and articulated herself well and just wanted some support with this. She was able to chat through her thoughts and feelings and was to look at her coping mechanisms when facing conflict as well as what she could learn about herself from the experience.

As ever this is just a little glimpse of the stories and lives we encounter at the bhp on a weekly basis. Some people we know and walk with over time, others it’s that bit of one off support. What’s essential is that people feel loved, valued, cared for, respected and supported.

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