A week at the BHP

Drop In:
Monday was similar in numbers as Wednesday but felt a lot busier. It was a very good two days with lots of support and help given.

Paul from CAB had 5 appointments that were all very different. We had a good range of needs and Ken (Volunteer) had his first 1-1 and did really well!

Lovely day for it today (Friday), we even had buzzards overhead. We had some tool issues which stopped certain parts of our work but we managed ok without them. There are lot of green shoots coming through so we’ll have to be spraying lots next week.

A bit quieter than normal but still had a good number. Lots of sanctions and repeat clients.

One of or young men has been totally excluded from school for three weeks, and another has just been taken off his probation and says he never intends to be back on it. We asked how he was going to manage that, and he said he is changing his company. We were very encouraged by that answer.

MC Check:
Good session of challenging styles and content. Changing types of beats and use of language was a massive challenge for one person, but we will build on that.

A good session with free play and fun. There was lots of chatting and great connections between the mums

This was a more functional time than normal, but it was still good to be able to help those that are seeking employment

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