BHP Activity – A week in October

A mix of activity this week, some things quieter than normal but substantial enough to make changes in some peoples lives. The drop in for example had 32 people pop in during the two sessions . We had six 1-2-1’s with some good quality time with clients. One issue involving child tax credit which needed to be dealt with some tenacity as the client had kept being put off. The problem was resolved to a satisfactory conclusion.

The graveyard session only had three “hard-core” volunteers getting involved because of adverse weather conditions but with dedication and perseverance a good session was had by all. The Foodbank was accessed by 19 adults and 13 children.

Challenge 4 Change (C4C) welcomed a new young man and as the weather was mild they went and played football and basketball. For the lads that come school is so up and down and doesn’t create a lasting pattern of compliance so this is something the team can try and work on as part of these sessions.

Five people had mentoring and coaching this week all for a substantial time and one CV was done to a man who is in recovery from drugs, he has been enlisted in the Graveyard sessions to help him engage with others.

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