C4C back after the summer break

C4C (Challenge for Change) our young people’s session at the BHP kicked off last week and it is lovely to have the young people back with a few new faces too! The session is weekly and over the past two weeks back we have had 9 different young people access this informal drop-in session. We use interactive activities such as playing cards and pool to chat to the young people about issues that matter to them. This ranged from stuff like asking how their day at school has been and by listening help them to consider and process the challenges they face in relationships, with friends, teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, extended family as well as how they feel about themselves, their worth, value and making good choices. We know how important it is to be adults in the lives of these young people who care, are interested, listen and provide an alternative view and perspective than the ones they receive from others in their lives.

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