C4C Update

Our C4C (after school’s) sessions have now finished for the summer. As we reflect on how the year has gone we have some brilliant memories and wanted to take the time to share a recent story.

One of the lads who attends has just finished his GCSE exams, so we were chatting to him about his future options.

It turns out he had the chance to take up a sports based apprenticeship, yet there were some personal barriers which threatened his progress and choice. Within the C4C session we were able to listen and chat through his thoughts and why he was potentially going to turn down a brilliant opportunity for his future.

He was able to challenge his thinking and face some of his fears. The openness, honesty, trust, courage and risk he took to undertake this questioning process was a testament to his desire to achieve the best for his future.

He left the session knowing that the following day he would have to formally accept or decline the offer of this apprenticeship. Throughout the session we had enabled him to consider his options and left it with him to make his final decision.

The following week he came back and told us he had chosen to accept his place on the apprenticeship, which he has since started.

Over the past few weeks he was still able to get down to the C4C sessions, as they didn’t clash with his apprenticeship. He was able to share that over these weeks his fears and concerns had been disproved and he was positive and enjoying what he was doing and glad about the decision he had made.

The challenge he now faces is to continue to make positive life choices as he seeks to achieve his potential in sport, whilst avoiding some of the pitfalls of negative life choices.

We are so pleased we were able to be a part of his journey and in that moment of needing advice and support and having to make a significant personal life decision he felt able to came in and chat this through with us.

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