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Over the past 18 months (that’s up to March 2015) we have been really fortunate to host a CAB worker in our drop-in session very other week on a Wednesday. This has proved very successful, useful and popular with those who pop in. There’s a mix of booked appointments and walk-in’s too. This is brilliant as it’s made CAB much more accessible to those who genuinely need independent, legal advice and support, which our staff and volunteers although brilliant, just simply don’t have the training or knowledge to provide.

Anyways we were given some feedback from CAB this week, which we really wanted to share… during this time frame the CAB have been able to support 24 clients to gain money totaling: £106,625

Wow! When we heard that we were amazed and also aware that there are many more individuals who attend the drop-in who could benefit from spending time with a CAB advisor.

It highlights how often when people are in need, confused and unsure about money issues, their fears keeps them away from seeking help.
Through the work of the CAB advisor at the BHP individuals may find out that in reality things are not as bad as they think or there really is a positive way out. They might be able to access to other funds they knew nothing about, or the CAB may simply be an advocate on their behalf and stop them from being taken advantage of.

We’ re so pleased we have been able to support local people and the CAB in providing an access point at the BHP. A safe, known space where people feel relaxed, listened to and supported.

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