Jen’s Reflections

During drop-in sessions we are often busy, with lots of different people coming and going. In amongst all the noise and chatter and people playing pool it can be easy to miss those little, subtle yet amazing moments of support. Often they happen in the background, unnoticed quietly unheard by the many. I was privileged to have the opportunity to just watch, listen and observe throughout a session recently. As I did this I saw one of our volunteers Ken, (a truly awesome guy!)

I first saw him helping someone out on the computer… then making a cup of tea…. then a guy who comes in regularly sought him out… it was clear that this guy felt comfortable, safe, valued and respected, knowing that Ken would listen carefully and in that moment, this guy had Ken’s full attention. How valuable, caring and thoughtful, something so simple and basic, yet often something so many people never seem to get.

I watched as Ken shepherded this guy into the back office for a private chat, where it was quiet, where they could talk. It was not long, many 15minutes tops and as far as I was able to gather nothing had changed practically for this guy, as he has already received a level of practical support. No, what he received today, was peace of mind knowing that someone else knew his name and situation. That someone else cared and was interested in him, not because he had a problem that needed sorting, but because he, as a person is valuable, unique and important and worth knowing and being with.

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