As a project we have been taking in food that has been donated to Black Country Foodbank over harvest time. As part of this the BHP has linked in with Brierley Hill Primary School. The Head Teacher along with two year six pupils brought the food, which the School had collected as part of their harvest festival.

Beckie a volunteer who runs our distribution point for Foodbank was able to thank the children and show them how the distribution point works, how the food is weighted, stored and given to those in need.

Last week Beckie was able to go into the School as part of their assembly and present them with a certificate thanking them for their support and donations. Beckie also showed a foodbank dvd to the children, which highlights the journey their food went on to make sure it got to someone in need. The school were really grateful and valued this partnership as it has captured the imaginations of the children.

It is humbling that although Brierley Hill is not an affluent area, those who do not necessarily have a lot are still willing and able to give, knowing there are others struggling and who are worse off than themselves.

As for Beckie, this was a huge. To stand in front of approximately 200 children and teachers, representing the BHP and Foodbank was a massive person achievement. It is fantastic to see Beckie pushing herself to grow and develop and we are so proud to be a part in her journey.

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