Sometimes people choose to walk away. This is a hard blog to write, as it’s not the amazing success story we want to share! However it is reality, and something it is good to reflect the more challenging side of what we do.

As ever the BHP remains open to everyone, all are welcome. As part of this some access one to one support, some use the computers for job searches and CV’s others access Foodbank.

As times with each of these areas, a challenge has to be issued… It might be as simple as what they are using the computers for and the sites they visit, or in a one to one not getting the answer you’re looking for, through us or a third party, or in foodbank having to limit what we can offer, showing equality and not giving just the ‘nice’ stuff to one person or family!

When this happens we can’t predict how people will act or respond, we can only demonstrate compassion and love with clear boundaries. Our hope is that people feel they can come back, that the challenge does not have to end the relationship or the support. It might be a break, or giving them details of others who are maybe better placed to support them, our hope is always individuals hear our hearts and know they matter and are cared about, which sometimes means a challenge.

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