Summer Days :-)

This week has been quieter than usual the slight improvement in the weather no doubt has had an impact! It’s good people are able to spend time out and about in the sunshine!

I spent some time with a young mum, this week that has a little girl and an absent boyfriend, so her daughter is her whole world. I was able to encouraging her to think about the long-term impact and effects this will have on her and her daughter and their relationship. She was able to see how her own needs could impact this and the importance to getting these met in a more healthy way.

Throughout the drop-in there were lots of little conversations. They flowed and it was really nice to be able to just relax and be in the ebb and flow of conversations, picking up different bits as we were chilling and chatting. Sometimes when there are fewer people in, it creates more space for relationships to be built and developed.

Thanks for reading and all your encouragement!
Stace and the team

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