The heart of the BHP

This week we have had ‘Sarah’ in the project whom we have know for many years. She seems to go through cycles of needing support and is currently in a position of needed a little extra help.

This has been ongoing for a few months now. It has involved dealing with accommodation issues, debt and benefits issues. Added to this a sexual assault she suffered and the emotional aftermath of this event and all the knock on effects it has.

As ever there are no quick fixes with stuff like this, however it is about being available, willing to listen and be an advocate when needed. Speaking with others on the phone to try and deal and sort practical needs, which she struggles to cope with due to the emotional stress and trauma, she has suffered. Dealing with the practical elements of life is a struggle and we are walking with her and supporting her to get additional external support regarding her needs, housing and benefits. It is not an easy road and is at times frustrating for her and us! Yet we remain committed to walking with her and others with similar stories.

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