Monday 18th May 2015.
Today we arrived at the project to find out there had been an attempted break-in over the weekend! (For those who know the layout of the Project, it was in the Belmont room aka Top Church Training Office!)

Fortunately, (and that’s how we’re approaching it) they didn’t get through the security shutters, so nothing got taken. Obviously it’s frustrating and a hassle to sort and will cost a bit of cash, but we know it could have been a lot worse….

So what can we learn, other than we’re really thankful for such good shutters! Well, for us it was how people rallied together to sort it… a few different people helped sweep up and get the room back in order, the window was measured, new glass ordered then a different few people boarded up the window making it secure.

In a strange way it highlighted how together, with all the different user groups in the project each chipped in and helped in some way.

We may have been able to figure it out, each one group on our own, but it would have been harder, taken longer and been way more stressful!

I think this sums up how the BHP tries to support and work alongside different individuals who come in. We don’t have all the answers and when people ask for support, there’s a humility and recognition that they can’t do life on their own… together, alongside other support services and agencies, volunteers and friends we can hope.

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