Wednesdays Drop In Update

Today has been a busy one! The drop-in has been buzzing. There’s been lots of people in and around, playing pool, using the computer and taking advantage of the cheap healthy meals provided by Top Church Training in the Café.

It was really good today to see how our staff and volunteers worked together to support individuals who pop in with a range of needs.

One of the volunteers sat with a man and typed up his CV, which they were both really pleased with. This guy is starting to get his life back on track and felt able to share a bit of his story. He is currently seeing Stace through our mentoring programme and seemed motivated, encouraged and relaxed throughout the session to work alongside a few different people.
When it came to getting the CV onto the ‘universal job search’ site we were able to support the volunteer in learning how to do this, so he is aware in the future.

There was mutual respect and some good banter throughout and at each stage people felt valued. This shows what can be achieved when people work together to support each their, their learning and personal development.

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