What is the Drop In?

Welcome to the BHP blog, we hope you are sitting comfortably and enjoy the ride!

As a team we recently decided to mix things up a bit with the blog. The plan for our weekly update is to write as an individual although the person may vary, different team members or volunteers sharing and reflecting a wide range of peoples story, interaction, reflection and journey. We want to present something authentic, and real, maybe even a little inspiring and encouraging!

So, it’s a Monday, about 12.30pm as you read I want you to imagine being in the drop-in… as I sit and write this on the sofa’s there are three people using the computers, looking for jobs, while chatting to each other and one or two of the volunteers. They’re talking about what they did over the weekend…all night fishing…popping to relatives or going up town…

Another volunteer is talking to a lad who’s asking for help with a CV and how to add it as an attachment on email, because so many employees are asking for this and he’s unsure how to do it…

There are a few people standing outside having a cigarette, chatting with each other, it’s looking a little over-cast outside, but there is a light, positive feel to the session. Warmth exists despite the potential for rain. A murmur of chatter, all seems to have a purpose and meaning. No conversation seems wasted.

There’s a lad on the phone following up on a job… a lady quietly waiting for a foodbank parcel. Initially she seemed a little agitated but patiently waits, whilst the volunteers make up her food parcel. She’s visibly relieved now she’s getting some support, having been unsure if help would come.

A man pops in, a guy Stacey is walking with and mentoring, they stand and chat to each other in the drop-in. He’s accepted and loved while challenge is expressed, quietly, sensitively and thoughtfully. Sometimes strength is needed to provide boundaries people need.

Now there’s a few people sat on the sofa’s, a young mum and family focusing on her beautiful baby boy, who kept them up last night, yet with laughter, not crying! The baby’s all smiles even now and I reflect on the potential, hope and love this little one has.

This is the drop-in anyone is welcome and greeted with a smile from a volunteer and offered a tea or coffee. Sometimes like today it’s a quiet relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes it’s busy, bustling with activity and noise. Either way, it’s a safe place where people seem able to just be.

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