April 22, 2013

The Brierley Hill Project Core Values

It is our belief that the best private businesses, public service bodies and social enterprises have a clear set of values that inform and underpin the way they work.

The Brierley Hill Project’s work is established on and informed by a clear set of values, beliefs and philosophies that find their origin in the rich Judeo Christian spiritual heritage that the founding members of the project share.

We believe that it is essential that our values and guiding principles are articulated as they provide the motivational energy that empowers the work we do.

Every member of staff and every volunteer are required to be fully committed to our core values making them a reality in everything that the Brierley Hill Project does.

Hope – Finding a new beginning
We hold a deep conviction that everyone should have the opportunity of a fresh start, emotionally, spiritually, sociologically and economically. The hope of a better future is available for everyone despite the current shape of their life or their circumstances.
Therefore we never give up on people and we actively seek and create opportunities for people to achieve new things and overcome those things that hold them back.

Freedom – Making right choices
We believe the discovery of the right and proper boundaries for our lives and those of our community along with the removal of inappropriate or life-limiting boundaries enables us to discover our full potential. Everyone should enjoy the freedom that making the right choices can provide.
Therefore we will challenge damaging, inappropriate choices and behaviours as well as the ways in which people’s choices and opportunities are constrained by others.

Acceptance – Discovering belonging
We believe many people are searching for a place where they can experience unconditional acceptance and so find a deep sense of belonging, a place where superficial judgements and prejudice are absent and where they too can become accepting.
Therefore we will be understanding and non-judgmental in our dealings with others and try to offer opportunities for people to contribute as well as to receive.

Wholeness – Facing the truth
We recognise that facing the truth about ourselves and being honest with ourselves provides an opportunity for us to lead our lives from the position of integrity.
Completeness is, in part, determined by an individual’s willingness or a community’s willingness to confront the truth despite what the individual or corporate implications may be.
Therefore we will act with integrity and both welcome and learn from feedback.  We will offer feedback to others in a spirit of respect; we will try to learn from experience and to change where change is needed.

Forgiveness – Letting go of being wronged
We believe that reconciliation forms a fundamental building block in removing social, emotional and spiritual debt and allows us to build strong healthy relationships. Being reconciled with ourselves and others creates emotional, social and spiritual freedom.
Therefore we do not keep a record of wrongs committed by others or by ourselves; we acknowledge our failures with courage and as openly as we can.

Justice – Seeking righteousness and right relationships
We recognise that inequality, injustice (intentional and unintentional) and poverty are at the root of apathy, despair, poverty of ambition and the absence of human flourishing.
Therefore we strive to act fairly in our own dealings, to maintain right relationships and, so far as we are able, to stand with the weak and vulnerable in fighting injustice.

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